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Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA)

Drugs used for sexual assaults are commonly distributed at raves, dance clubs, and bars. They are increasingly being sold in schools, on college and university campuses, and at private parties. Some of these drugs also are purchased via the Internet while others, particularly prescription benzodiazepines, are often found in homes. Unfortunately, these drugs are widely available in most urban areas, as well as suburban and rural communities.

GHB--GHB, a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, is a powerful central nervous system depressant used illicitly for its euphoric and sedative effects.

Street Names--Cherry meth, Everclear, Fantasy, Gamma-O, Georgia home boy, Grievous bodily harm, G-riffic, Jib, Liquid E, Liquid X, Organic quaalude, Salty water, Scoop, Sleep, Sleep-500, Soap, Vita-G


Rohypnol--Rohypnol is a powerful benzodiazepine--up to 10 times stronger than Valium

Street Names--Circles, Forget-me pill, Forget pill, Landing gear, La rocha, Lunch money drug, Mexican valium, Mind eraser, Pingus, R-2, Reynolds, Roach-2, Roaches, Roachies, Roapies, Robutal, Rochas dos, Roofies, Rope, Rophies, Rophy, Ropies, Roples, Row-shay, Ruffies, Wheel, Wolfies


Ketamine--Ketamine hydrochloride, a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act, is a dissociative anesthetic that has a combination of stimulant, depressant, hallucinogenic, and analgesic properties.

Street Names--Cat valium, Green K, Honey oil, Jet, K, Ket, Kit kat, Lady K, Purple, Special K, Special la coke, Super acid, Super C,

Vitamin K


Soma--Soma, a commonly known trade name of the drug carisoprodol, is a prescription muscle relaxant and central nervous system depressant.

Street Names--D, D's, DAN5513, Dance, Dans, Danz, Somas DEA Thomson Medical Economics.

What is often overlooked about these drugs and DFSA or Date Rape in general is that the administration of them to unsuspecting youths is often a gateway into sex work. Many employees in adult entertainment and escorting would be surprised that when they believe that they are talking a medication or a vitamin formula that is prescribed to them for something as simple as immunity boosting or detoxification is very often in reality one or more of the above substances which render them easy targets to continued manipulation from their most trusted sources and "friends and colleagues".

[Source: National Drug Intelligence Center a component of U.S. Department of Justice, 2006]

Face book for WIx DFSA.png

In regards to the complaint I made to, I have also made an unverified report to the Toronto Police non-emergency number at 416-808-2222, The Ontario Court of Justice (, The CRTC (, Jessica Bell: Ontario MPP in my riding, Toronto City Hall (, and, where I submitted a group of pictures entitled "A Person Smoking in a Chair" which was in a contest in the hardcore men's division. I encourage anyone to use some of these resources who believes they are victim of the suspected crime I have described on this page. If you are in an emergency call 911.

I am always interested in publishing your photos in a small hardcover book format for Ramsey and Short Publishing:

$50 for your photos upfront (Must use PayPal).

Compensation. approx. $8/sale after three months

You must demonstrate your book will sell with social media links to Amazon and similar online platforms.

Escort Agencies, Clubs, are welcome.

However, there is something I feel strongly about that might speak to some of you. Take the time to read this:

Title: Such is My Beloved

Author: (myself) Brad Ramsey

'Such is My Beloved' is a Morley Callaghan novel about an idealistic priest who tries to turn the lives of two prostitutes around. As an unsuccessful poet in Toronto I switched my focus to the erotic genre and made Facebook friends with escorts who wanted to be portrayed naked with my own captions in small hardcover book formats. I have published one such book so far called 'Crush On, by Haily'. I am hopeful my second book forthcoming will be even more successful: “Don’t worry!” the model lately messaged me, “I can sell it!”


Reminiscent of Morley Callaghan’s main character, my time on Messenger with my Facebook friends and the endless supply of Friend Requests has led me to spiritual or at least ideological error. For, I cannot help see the pattern of Date Rape drugs or DFSA (drug facilitated sexual assault) being a major influence upon the women with whom I speak and I sincerely want to help them. In fact, I firmly believe the drugs used in DFSA cases are often intended to lure victims into sex work by criminals who take pleasure and money with the victim’s unsuspecting cooperation in the crime of prostitution.


When I realized there was a pattern of date rape in the lives of the escorts, I mostly wanted to help them turn their lives around. I took a zealous position against date rape as a gateway into sex work and tried to reason with them as best I could online. However, for those who have read 'Such is My Beloved' know full well, that idealistic priest was deemed at fault for becoming involved with the two prostitutes, Ronnie and Midge, who he felt spiritually called to help.


After witnessing the pattern among my Facebook friends of the many cases of offense against them - they who had lost their parents (or were told they had lost their parents), and who had not come into any bequeathments, and who were selling their bodies – I took action: I phoned the police, I filed an anti-fraud complaint, I contacted the CRTC, I contacted City Hall, I contacted my MPP. However, all that was to no avail.

Finally, I contacted the Victim Services Program of Toronto and asked if I could get some advice from the person who answered the phone even though I was not in crisis. She was happy to speak with me. After describing the pattern of DFSA or date rape I was seeing, and telling her my belief that date rape is sometimes a gateway into sex work, and asking her how I can best help these women, she told me I was all wrong about how I was proceeding.

What she said was all I could do in my situation for each woman I was speaking with was to inform them individually that if they want to change their life or get out of any situation in which they feel uncomfortable, that they should call the Victim Services Program of Toronto; or, if the victim is outside of the GTA I should inform that person to call their local police. I could not, in any case, force any individual to seek support or get help unless they themselves were willing to do it for themselves.

Like Father Stephen Dowling, the idealistic priest in Morley Callaghan’s novel, I was transgressing the boundaries of my own calling as a publisher of erotic books by being too zealous online. I now stand corrected, and will offer only the advice I was given by a professional counsellor to my Facebook Friends.

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